Not ready for surgery yet?

Learn about our non-invasive treatments to fight signs of aging.
Plus, beauty tips to keep your skin and body young.

Looking for non-surgical treatments to address the signs of aging?

Microneedling PRP is a minimally-invasive treatment that effectively stimulates the natural production of collagen in skin, and has been shown to be effective in dramatically improving facial wrinkles, fine lines, and tightening and toning skin in the face and neck!

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*Individual results may vary. After three treatments.Individual results may vary. This picture was taken from Vivace’s website. Patient is shown Before & After three treatments.

Botox also helps to prevent permanent wrinkles around the eye area by reducing facial expressions that cause fine lines.

Select fillers are designed specifically to prevent and reduce fat loss in the face. Maintaining plumpness in the cheeks and other areas gives that forever young glow!


Tips to keep your skin and body young:

  • Beauty Tip: “Take a break from your phone” – High amounts of the blue light emitted from our cell phones cause damage to the deepest layers of our skin. The next time you’re tempted to scroll your feed, try to switch it up by doing a healthy activity, like taking a brisk walk outside! The blood circulation will regenerate skin cells, and you’ll avoid those blue rays!
  • Tip to Make Eye Fillers Last: Shades, shades shades! Never leave the house without your sunnies. Wearing sunglasses outside protects the delicate skin surrounding your eye area from forming wrinkles by blocking damaging UV rays and preventing squinting, a habit that will cause wrinkles over time.
  • We always encourage our patients to stick with the proven health and beauty recommendations to hydrate from the inside out by drinking plenty of water, make sure you’re getting adequate sleep, and lather on that sunscreen year round – your skin will thank you!

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