Q: Do you offer financing?

Yes, please call to schedule a consultation today. Our Director of Patient Services will then be able to discuss the financing options we have available for you in detail.

Q: Where are you located?

Our office is in the heart of Beverly Hills, 2 blocks west of the famous Rodeo Drive. If you are coming from out of town, Dr. Mueller also offers virtual consultations via Skype. Our address is: 436 North Bedford Drive, Suite 212 | Beverly Hills, CA 90210 | 310.273.9800

Q: What is the ICLED® Surgical Suture System?

The ICLED® Light Guided Suture System has FDA clearance, for soft tissue approximation and elevation of sub-dermis and underlying muscle. In properly selected patients ICLED® provides a technique to improve the neck, jawline, and brow with minimal incisions as compared to traditional techniques with minimal swelling, bruising, and scarring and decreased recovery time. The ICLED® was developed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Mueller to improve neck, face, and brow contours resulting from aging and inherited through genetics.

Q: What are the benefits of ICLED® over traditional, invasive procedures?

The ICLED® provides patients with a minimally invasive surgical option that delivers consistent, natural-looking results, while leaving minimal to no swelling or bruising, and reducing the possibility of muscle or nerve damage that can occur with traditional necklift procedures. Additionally, the ICLED® allows procedures to be performed quickly and in many cases using local anesthesia alone.

Q: What is oVio360™?

oVio360™ is a technology and software solution invented by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Mueller, that creates dynamic, volumetric 360 degree video images. It allows patients to be imaged before a procedure, and periodically thereafter, to precisely deliver moving images for exact comparisons over time.